Visas to Russia

Citizens of most countries are required to obtain a Russian visa to enter Russia. This causes the most difficulties, because you cannot just come to Russia simply by paying a visa fee and presenting a passport at the border.

Below you can read how to get a Russian visa in two simple steps.

  First step. Receiving an invitation.

You must first receive an invitation to obtain a Russian visa. Getting the invitation is a mandatory procedure for obtaining any type of visa.

We offer you to use the services of the “Eridan” travel agency, with which we cooperate to solve problems associated with obtaining a visa invitation. The invitation includes a travel voucher and booking confirmation. Only a Russian travel agency registered in the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry can issue them. In this case, you have to get a tourist visa, and the purpose of your trip to Russia will be tourism.

Tourist visas to Russia are issued for business travel: for participation in business meetings, negotiations, conferences, exhibitions in addition to usual tourist purposes. Therefore, the arrival for negotiations or business meeting using a tourist visa does not violate any rules and does not mislead anyone. Tourist visa is relatively easier, faster and cheaper to get.

The question about the expiration date of the visa invitation (period of visa invitation validation)  very often arises. Unfortunately, there is no official current information about this on the websites of Russian consulates. You should better clarify this information in the Russian consulate in your country. Some time ago the invitation was valid for 3 months.

 Getting a visa.

When you have an invitation, you need to send it to the Russian consulate in your country and apply for a visa. It is better to clarify in advance whether they accept copies of invitations or only originals. In many countries, Russian consulates accept scanned copies of invitations, which greatly simplifies the issue of a visa to Russia. There is information about the package of documents required for obtaining a visa on the websites of Russian consulates in your country.

Visa registration  

So, you received a Russian visa, completed your organizational efforts and arrived in Russia. In order to stay legally in Russian Federation, it is necessary to not only cross the border legally, but also follow the rules for staying in Russia. It means you should be registered for migration. It sounds complicated and frightening, but it is a very simple procedure. Hotel “Oktyabrskaya” will do it for you, but they will charge you a small fee.  It will cost you 220 rubles per person.

 We recommend you to make a photocopy of your passport and visa and take them with you to Russia.